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|name = New British Mafia Soldiers

|tags = {N-BM}S, {N-BM}, and our White Tag υк

|founded = March 2010

= |About Us Edit

We are one of the oldest and dedicated British Clan, Our game is to have fun and fight anyone who steps in our way no matter of numbers or stats. Its the British Way fight till the End and We Stand Firm and Loyal to each and every member whether they have a red tag, white tag or orange with yellow spots the were one of our tags they are one of ours.


|headquarters =

|members = 130+

|areaserved = Worldwide and an Active Sense of humour is a must. We are Brits Afterall :)

|keypeople1 = Shelley Kennedy GM & Glass Collector [1]

|keypeople2 = Ritchie Kennedy Modfather and PIMP [2]

|keypeople3 = Mark Nield, Naimish Patel, Andy Brown War Officers and Negotiations [3] {Head Pole Dancer}

[4] {Chief Doorman accepts bribes if its Stella }

[5] {Cheif Barman}

|keypeople4 = Cathy Hunni Cardiff, C/o GM, Approach with Vodka or a crash helmet :P. [6]

|keypeople5 = Tim Lisby, Recruitment, {Chief Stripper} [7]

|keypeople6 = Katie Hatton, Alliances Officer and lap dancer {she's an Angel so she says lol} [8]

|keypeople7 = Christine Millward, Allian..., and Glass Washer or Breaker Depending on how you approach her :)

[9] |keypeople6 = William McHendry Events Manager, Recruitment - Head Lap Dancer and Beer Taster.

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The Original and number 1 British Clan

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