一=テ┳︻♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES ︻┳テ=一Edit

The ♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES, is looking for dedicated and determined new recruits. Do you think you have what it takes?

APPLY HERE :► Application for the ♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES

495078146 l -♢◊~♢♦~☠♦~♢~◊~♢♦~☠♦~♢~◊~♢♦~☠♦~♢~◊~♢♦~☠♦~♢~◊♢♢◊~♢♦~☠♦~♢~◊~♢-

The Mayhem Mimes are a Clan of Relentless Mafia fighters who all have the same objectives: To have fun, destroy our enemies and to have each others backs at all costs. We do all of this while being very organized, tactical and most importantly relentless to our enemies! We are a no nonsense Clan. That means leave your drama at home! We are here to fight!

The ♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES have a private group where you will find►Edit

一=テ┳︻♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES ︻┳テ=一

• Access to Live Skype Chat room.

• Access to the members’ only page

• Solidarity • Protection from bullying

• Tips and Tricks

• Advice from senior players

4971 108207070165 108206475165 3246999 5861187 sEdit

Membership Requirements:►Edit

♦We Prefer single tagged, but will accept multiple tags.

♦Level 200 & Above

♦Attack/Defense combined must be 2.5/3x(Example: level 200 with 300 attack and 300 defense is 3x level)

♦Skype is recommended but not a must.


Clan Friendly War Rules :►

1. No Hitlisting.

2. No Sucker Punching .

3. No Robbing

4. No useing "Call Mafia"

5. No Bot's/Attack scripts

6. Will Fight.

7. Will have a Positive attitude.

8. No complain or whine about being iced, killed, sat on, punched, or hit listed.

The ♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES, is looking for dedicated and determined new recruits. Do you think you have what it takes?

Apply Here:►Application for the ♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES

♏☠YΗE♏♦♏i♏ES ~W☠R ROOM



Administration OfficersEdit

{ God Father }Edit

Mike Fecteau A.K.A ♏i♏iÇ™~{♏☠YΗE♏}~*


{ W☠R Marshal }

Todd McCumbee A.K.A ~{♏☠YΗE♏}~W☠ƦDѺG†*


{ Loot Officer }

Tod Trivett A.K.A ~{M☠YHEM}~Tod~{M☠YHEM}~*


{ Enforcer Officer }

Martin Goob A.K.A ~{M☠YHEM}~+The G00B+


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