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Mafia Wars Lords
Mafia Wars Lords
Full Name: Mafia Wars Lords
Tags: [MWL]
[MWL] was formed mid February of 2009. [MWL] is peaceful clan seeking only to have fun in the game while maximizing each members potential. Currently [MWL] requires you to be a level higher then 150 in order to join it's ranks but, when you do, you're joining a fun group that respects all players in the game. [MWL] is always looking to expand it's horizons and spot on the web with it's own website, video and Facebook groups. [MWL] also has many alliances and friends which they help in times of wars.

The [MWL] isn't hard to find on Google or in Facebook, just search [MWL] mafia on either Youtube, Google or Facebook and you will find them. [MWL] has an open public recruitment center in which it finds many of it's members, which need to be tagged with the [MWL] sign within it's mafia wars name in order to become a full member. [MWL] is currently very active and a well respected clan in the Facebook Mafia Wars world with many friends.

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