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It's Just A Game
Full Name: It's Just A Game
Tags: {ÏĴÅĢ}
Key people: Shawn Ray
Keith Zajac
Jack Morgan
Website: Recruitment Page

{ÏĴÅĢ} - " It's Just A Game"Edit


  • Shawn Ray

  • Keith Zajac

  • Jack Morgan

Our Requirements:

You must be at least 3.5 times your level in both attack and defense. You must have at least 95K in both mafia attack and mafia defense. (this requirement will change as new loot enters the game) You must love to fight and be active in Skype it is a free Download

We are here to have fun, and REMEMBER It's just a Game if interested in joining email admin on this page

Rule 1, NO DRAMA!!!


Rule 3, No double tags (unless previously agreed). Any member that is allowed in that is also part of a tagged group, would be expected to Tag with us as well. Do not Tag until we have given you a thumbs up!

Rule 4, Taking part is optional, but encouraged. We will all help each other out where we can and if needed you could be placed in our training group. The Training group is designed to help you to excel in all aspects of playing Mafia Wars. Also the group will explain dealings of clan play and business. We expect members to come in the Skype room at least once a week and participate, so that we can see all active members!

Rule 5, Bullies will be dealt with, but decision on how and when to stop will be up to the Court Jester (Bully handler), communication with the Court Jester will ensure we don’t stop too early.

Rule 6, The War Boss will hold control, of all attacks and ceasefires along with communications in a time of war! WE DO NOT STOP Unless War Boss says so! WE NEVER HITLIST OR SLANDER ANOTHER PERSON OR CLAN!

Rule 7, Have fun! After all, “It’s Just A Game” play and fight while making yourself and your family stronger!

Recruitment Page

War Page

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