Welcome to Impulsive Mafia [IM]

First of all I would like to thank you all for joining us, and I hope we are strong enough to all put our differences behind us, and start afresh, and if that means we have to talk about a few things to get something resolved, then so be it.

Past events have been tainted by some people, either being lied to, miss lead or not aware of all the facts, I do not want to open old wounds, but I would simply ask that we give everyone a second chance and we start over from today.

As to our rules, we will keep them simple and minimal

-> 1 No DRAMA (if you want Drama, go join a Drama school)

-> 2 Be open and honest to each other, and respect others feelings

-> 3 Have fun playing, and being part of our family, help your fellow family members out as you would at home. Help them when they need help. comfort them when they need hugs, protect them from harm. and love them for who they are. Listen to them when they need to talk.

-> 4 We kindly ask to use your next 15 GF-points to have our tag [IM]. It's not against the rules (as it is not IN the rules ... lmao) to have other tags too.

and just remember this when you play:

There Is no Whining In Mafia Wars but there is a lot of ICE SCREAMS...

NO whining! NO drama! You were attacked because you logged onto MW! You were hit 30 times because I could not kill you in 29!

If You hitlist me for killing You I will come back and do it again, If You ask your mafia for help I will kill you and everyone I can that hits me because of You.You were killed because I can kill you!

I took your Money because you didn't bank it! Any kind of attack deserves retribution, so, I will be waiting, it's not personal, it's a game! If you want to play nice, try Farmville.

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