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We have a new skype room for ALL tagged hit team members. For those that are not aware Skype rooms work in the same way as Facebook rooms but are not open to the public. Because of this during war times and regular game play you can post your opponents links in the skype room and ask for help, have input on war strategy, get new and upcoming team information, as well as live fun chat with your teammates. Now some ( including me) once thought that you had to have a mic to actually speak in the room but I assure you that is not the case. You just type like in any other room, but again it is private and only those in the skype room can see the conversation. If you have not dowloaded SKype yet, here is the link.

We're a tight group who has a TON of fun....we're a great group who has fun playing the game and interacting with each other. We are a family of silly gooses at times, and ferocious lions as well -mess with one of us, and you mess with all of us. One of the benefits of being tagged is you can have more control over your game play. Bullies are unlikely to mess with you because they would essentially be painting a bulls-eye on themselves. Also, when we engage in war with another group, you can make up money and experience points then.
Big Time. Super Score. And in general non-war times, you still have the whole team backing you up if you need, so that can make things easier, as well as having an enormous bank of loot to improve yourself from once you prove yourself to us - we're very generous.

We've restructured a little so that we can weed out the players who just want a tag for protection or are not active players, or whatever else reason, so we have a progression for new members. (les mindre)

Once you have proven yourself an active and loyal player and you want to formally join HIT TEAM, you must get permission from one of the administrators of the group. If approved, then you can add the (HIT TEAM) or (Hit Team) tag immediately if you have the GF points at the end of your name, or just stay active until you earn them.


Step1: Go to your Mafia Wars Home Page.
Step2: Take 15 Godfather Points click on "Godfather" in your Mafia Wars Game
Step3: Select "The Godfather offers you a new name."
Step 4: Change your Name and add in the tag
(HIT TEAM) or (Hit Team)

HIT TEAM (fan page) .

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