Requirements for tagging 【HIND】:

☑ You must be an Indian as this is a country clan strictly for Indians staying in India or abroad,

☑ minimum skills of 10k combined,

☑4x skills combined than your level, ex: If u r 100 level u must have combined strength of 400 skills(Attack+Defense),

☑ You must have 260,000 above weapons strength in both attack and defense,

☑ Someone from the war party already tagged should recommend u(not mandatory if u fulfill the criteria of clause 1&2),

☑ You should be dedicated to the clan. and stand by your country in mock wars as well as real wars,

☑ You would selflessly protect the group members in events of crisis and stand by your fellow 【HIND】 members and fight with honour side by side,

☑ You are supposed to keep 【HIND】 avatars at the time of mock wars and real wars mandatorily,

☑ We don't allow more than 2 tags, The front tag being our name, for example 【HIND】avi{xyz}.

If you fulfill all these and agree to the standards, Please fill out the form below:

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