Here at Mardi Gras Crew o Mafia Wars. We have as much fun ICING you as FR'ing you.. The chose is yours.

 always looking for a good player to have a Hurricain Party icing good time with:)

As a family member, your responsibilities will be playing Mafia Wars and helping your family when asked and in return as your family, we will help you build a strong player and help make the game more fun and enjoyable for you. We are very small family for now but have many strong friends and alliances.

Come By-

MGCoMW Ice House:

To apply to tag with MGCoMW:

THIS IS A ONE TAG ONLY GROUP.. We will gladly accept ALL of your accounts into MGCoMW; just fill out an application for each account.. Please let us know if you have other accounts with other tags...

Mission Statement W/ Alliance Application You may contact 黃淮海  MGCoMW GM Paula Mardi Gras Crew of Mafia Wars

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