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Global Warriors
Full Name: Global Warriors
Tags: {=GW=}
Founded: Bonnie Adler

{=Global Warriors=} is a World-Wide Group of MW men and women Who have come together to aid each other as a family would. Our primary goal is to enjoy online game play while always assisting our {=GW=} Family in any way we possibly can to advance all through the game. We are not a Warring Family - however, we will stand and fight with honour, respect and dignity if the need arises.
We do employ strict rules of conduct.
We do not permit profanity or any abusive language which would be considered personally derogatory or insulting.
We do not tolerate racial, ethnic, sexist or religious epithets or bigoted statements on any of our public boards.
We do not accept multi tags for any reason.
Play with respect for all age groups.
We play hard & try to avoid tag players - but if you hit them then remember they will come back at you. Keep your family in mind.
One on one retaliation for attacks on your MW character are part of the game.
Hit listing a player who has bullied you can be done once without consequence.
We stand together on any war and peace.
No attacking or declaring War on fellow {=GW=} members

And most of all Have Fun As this is OUR Game


1. Click the following link.

Application Form

2. Fill out the application.

3. After a brief 'interview' and a completed application form, you will be screened for admission.

4. You will be notified when to add your tag. Once cleared and tagged you will be admitted to the Elite Groups.

ELITE members will enjoy all the benefits Of {=Global Warriors=} such as:
Skype groups
Training Centers
Trading and Exchange boards
Defense against bullies
Tips, tricks and help of all sorts.
We will help you develop your skills and assist you with the growth of your family.
DO NOT change your MW name and tag with {=Global Warriors=} until instructed

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