- The famous (VIP) GWC Ghost Warrior Commando on Mafia Wars -Edit


Mafia Wars Original Name: ✰✰ GWC ✰✰ GHOST WARRIOR ® HSD commando ✰ Elite ✰✰

A very secret and silent, famous and very proud (VIP) Warrior Group founded in April 2008 by Stefan Pevec on Mafia Wars (Facebook).

This group is very special and unique on Mafia Wars. They have no rules. This group dont fight directly on wars - they fight in special missions. Nobody knows the background where they get the order to fight. Nobody can join directly the group. You must be selected and invited to get in this GWC group. This means you can be happy if you get a invitation. There are 6-7 other groups that belong directly to GWC. They have a own "Secret Service" called GSS. Also a crazy Music Bar (GWC) for the public on Facebook.

The HEAD of the GWC Group:

Harvey Dayot GGM✰

Caela Stervander GWC & SOUL Organisation Officer *

Kenneth Miller GWC Bartender & Speaker - GGM✰ [Teamlead]*

David Albano GGM✰✰✰ [Teamlead]

Natasha Schuur GWC GHOST-MOTHER [Teamlead] * (SOUL)

Rubin GWC GHOST-FATHER [Teamlead] * (SOUL)

Ed Wills GGM✰✰✰ [Teamlead] "High Tec Ed"

Gina Luciano GGM✰

Manuela Schmidt GWC & Soul Gatekeeper & Cleaner

Robin Hudson GWC Golden Bullet ✰

Seifuku KOgunei GGM✰

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