The GGF - German Ghost Fighter - were founded on June 27th 2010.

Official Clan Tag:


- Clan Language is German. All German speaking MW Players are welcome to join.</p>

-You have to wear the [GGF] Tag to join</p>

- Level 100+

- Fights 500+

-Only 1 TAG allowed if you want to be/stay in this groupe

-Participation in Clan live is requested and required to be/ stay a member

If you speak German, please continue reading in the German section below.

If you are looking for contact with the GGF regarding alliances, complains, mock requests or whatever, please join the Treffpunkt Page below

[GGF] Alliances:


Die GFF - German Ghost Fighter wurden am 27. Juni 2010 gegründet.

Offizielles Clan Tag:

Hier findet ihr den [GGF] Treffpunkt , hier könnt ihr euch umschauen und Kontakt mit den GGF aufnehmen.

[GGF] Alliances:


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