We like to war.... drink... rob... war and war some more...

No Drama No Bullshit.... just playing the Game its meant to be Played!

Here it Starts... Here We Stand.... Here it Ends! When we War, We war Hard... No Retreat, No Surrender NO MERCY

Listen up soldiers!!

Welcome scum buckets, you have just stumbled upon the most lean, mean, wrecking machine!

We are called Gß•Ⓚ GENTLEMEN BASTARDS• ⓀАώАL Gß•Ⓚ ©. We are an International Band of Cut throats and anyone who doesn't like it knows what happens...

We wreck em!

This bunch of scallywags are like no other, we fight em, we smash em and we fight like no others can do. Sod all the nicey nicey rubbish, we fight and it's what we do best!

We are a fight squad folks and how else would we want it? Handbags at dawn, feather dusters at the ready? Holy crap.... this is a game of fighters and we aim to fight no matter what. You either bring it or lose it...simple!

It's mafia wars people and should be played the way the designers wanted it to be... To FIGHT!

So get those guns and ammo ready cos we are going to war soldier, whether you like it or not!


Yes, you just joined the International Gß•Ⓚ fighting machine!

We welcome you to Gß•Ⓚ GENTLEMEN BASTARDS• ⓀАώАL Gß•Ⓚ ©

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