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Full Name: FEDELTA
Founded: Nov 2009
Founder(s): Daniel Jimenez del Castillo
Geoff Armstrong
Marzio G Piazza
Michelle Miller
Patrick J Thompson Jr
Samara Fuller
ZBridget Sheenan
Website: Recruitment Centre

FEDELTA is centered around loyalty and trust!! Each and every one of us has a say in this group!! We are all equals whether you are a level 1 or 100,000 ;)!! Loot contests, warehouse to help build account, mentoring and much more on offer to all tagged members.

We are a non warring clan that never starts a fight, but we wont back down or be bullied either and we protect our own and our allies with ferocity.

The mere price of inclusion to this clan (though we prefer the word family) is 15 RP's to tag and all are welcome. Go visit Recruit Page (link under pic) say hi on wall and an officer will shortly thereafter contact you and answer any questions you have, instruct you how to join main group then send you an invite.

Look forward to seeing you there




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