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[Cube]³ Mafia Wars Clan
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Full Name: [Cube]³ Mafia Wars Clan
Tags: [Cube]³
Founded: April 2009
Founder(s): [Knuckles]³
[Killer McGhee]³
Key people: [ WiLLKiLL ]³
∞ KåìRå³ ∞
[The Bitterest³ Pill]³
[ Killer Katie ]³
[£îMØ Ð®îvê®]³
Website: Fan/Fight page:
Recruit form:

The [Cube]³ clan was founded in April of 2009 by a small group of former LCN high level players looking to form a group of like minded players who enjoyed the game but didn't want the drama. The group was based on the princple that all members would have a voice. No allies, no wars, no drama, was the code. In 2010 the clan admin changed hands and with it came new blood and new ideas. The group began to focus more on fighting and the code was now also new. No allies, no drama, no whining.

From the beginning the players of [Cube]³ have followed the rules of fair play and with the discovery of the common desire to fight, the [Cube]³ clan has grown into a well known fighting clan.

We are a peaceful but strong clan who enjoy a good weekend battle with other clans to make new friends. Family values are high and help within the clan is required. We are the original [Cube]³ clan.

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