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Chicago West Side Mob
Chicago West Side Mob
Full Name: Chicago West Side Mob
Tags: [CWSM]
Founder(s): Robert Pivonka
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Area served: worldwide
Key people: Robert Pivonka, HMFIC

Kevin P. Kueber, SMFIC

Robin Johnston Czajka, Boss

Sabra Browning Barowski, Special Projects Coordinator

Tomio Yamawaki II, Boss

Jamie Tronolone, Boss

Paul Isme, Boss

Chris Rebacz, Boss

Bill Olk, Boss

Harry Stewart, Boss

Lazlo E. Lazlo, Boss
Members: about 500 tagged as of Dec. 2009
Website: Group

Bringin' it home! A Mafia Wars group formed to help identify Family, as well as make alliances with other Families. You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours. When you join us, you may put the [CWSM] tag BEFORE your name (requires 15 Godfather points)

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