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Cold Blooded Killers
Cold Blooded Killers
Full Name: Cold Blooded Killers
Tags: [CBK]
Website: Group

This is for all of us who are tired of joke clans, the poorly operated clans where no one has anyone's back. This is where you come to for your FAMILY to back you up when you most need it. Need some items, post 'er up.. need some back up.. post the link.. don't matter what you need, we'll be there. All levels are welcome, big or small. Get help and help those who need help - please add all members to avoid attacking members of your own family! Also, I'd just like everyone to know that 99% of the time, myself or Rob Yeo will be here to monitor and view the things going on in our Family, taking notes while we do so. Most issues will be dealt with immediately, if not as soon as possible.

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