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Brotherhood of Honor
Full Name: Brotherhood of Honor
Tags: ☠β⊕H☠ - ☠β⊕H☠ ®
Founder(s): Mohamed Neazy
Terry Ergle
Trip Anderson
SeAnn Davis
Headquarters: Mafia World
Key people: Godfather - Kerry Matlock
War Commander - Lorrie Wright
Recruitment Officer - Troy Brazell
Website: Recruitment Center

» Who we are?  We are a group founded with the same passion and dream of fighting and warring for a just cause. We are the Brotherhood of Honor

 Our mission is First and foremost to protect our family and help them to advance and become strong warriors. Secondly, to help protect our friends in a time of need, and conduct ourselves in a respectful and honorable manner. We will defend our honor and our name to the bitter end, thus making us a fighting clan. Brotherhood of Honor guarantees we will always be honorable in the eyes of our Members, Brothers and our enemies as well. We will Live like Heroes and die on the battlefield like Heroes.


  » What is our Dream? We have a very simple and provoked Dream, We are looking to build a Fort with Strong and Loyal Warriors, our word is our bond. We believe that Strength is in the Quality and loyalty, That is why we are designing strict rules for those who want to join us. We don't have the word "member" in our Dictionary, as we replaced it with the word "Brother/Sister". Anyone who joins, is a Brother/Sister, he/she is committed to the Family and he must adhere to our Dream. We need loyal Brothers/Sisters as the word reflects. We have no Allies, We have only three words in our Dictionary: Brother, Friend or Enemy.

We will strive to have a respected, yet feared name, so when seen on a fight/hit list, no one would dare to attack. This is the Respect and Honor we know and believe in. There is no place for bullies here, just honorable warriors, fighting and warring for a singular Idea, Honor. We defend the fort as brothers/sisters hand in hand.

» What is the minimum requirements to Join Brotherhood? To fully tag as a fighter your personal stats (Attack/Defense) must total 3,000 combined and your mafia Attack and Defense must total 120,000 each.

To tag as a Recruit there are no requirements. You will remain a Recruit until you have the stats to tag fukky tag as a fighter.

Sniperatx 16:31, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

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