Banshee Clan

{Banshee} Clan

Banshee tagged {Banshee} are a training & development Clan rather than a warring one.

Membership is open to Level50+ daily players as long as you level up each week and agree to gift each member of their unit daily

Banshee's objectives differ from most other clans who focus on the War element of the game. There objective is to:

Build the Team - Develop the individual - Achieve the Goal!

Members regularly pass on what they know and what they have learned playing Mafia Wars to fellow Clan members.

Their moto is "If you attack out "Kin" we will WAIL "

(In Irish legend, a Banshee wails nearby if someone is about to die)

SignUp to join:

Banshee recruitment members and friends lounge is open to all visitors at

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