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Full Name: Assassin-a-Nators
Tags: {ASS}
Founded: June 27, 2011
Key people: Jennifer
Members: Dimitar


Website: Family Page
Facebook Group (Closed group)

If you ever wondered how the {ASS} Family came to be, it was created for the Death By Ice event, and was meant to be a temporary family. Jen used her energy account to create it and Ng graciously agreed to be the GF, so it was passed over to him, and we started scouting people for the Death By Ice Event. After the event, we decided to stay in this family. Some members de-tagged themselves during the event due to the non-stop attacks from our haters, meanwhile some members decided to continue staying in this family until the event is over. We finally made it and we scored 3rd place in the Death by Ice event. This event strengthened out relationship and we gathered together as a family.

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