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Full Name: AXE
Tags: [AXE]
Key people: 'Ann Wooldridge (GodMother)
'Dan Thiessen (Godfather)
-Todd Molay (Underboss/Armorer)
Todd Plath (Moderator)
-Jay Wooldridge (Public Relations)
'Dice Man (Recruiting)
Website: Recruitment Page
War Page


[AXE] is a social fighting clan. We will take your $ and ice/kill you off of the fightlist. But we will not bookmark or bully other players. We will thank and pay respect to other clan members after wars. This is a game and is not to be taken personally. We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Mission Statement:

We are first and foremost a fighting clan/family made up of diverse players who enjoy the various aspects of the game. Our primary purpose is to help others within our clan at all times; standing up for each other, helping each other grow, to enjoy the game and at all times defend the Clan Title of [AXE].

We enjoy the game; the fact that we can fight if we like to fight, we can loot, we can dominate, we can socialize, as long as we are helping each other out in growing and becoming better players. We recognize that with any family, every member plays a key role in the overall success of the group. There is always something for everyone to do in order to help the family.


The Basics...

[AXE] Rules of War:

-No Hitlisting
-No Asking Your Mafia to Attack
-No Sucker Punching

-Foul language and/or disrespectful comments will not be permitted at any time


[AXE] is looking for fighters and players who enjoy the game and would like to join the family and come have some fun with us.

  • We use Skype as a form of communication, if you would like to chat with us about joining, or have questions, feel free to find us on Skype, contact Skype ID: diceman7777

Minimum requirements

a) 2.0x level each in attack and defense skill points


b) 2000 each attack and defense skill points for players over level 1000.

Weekly Grind!

Come check out our War Page! Our weekly "Grind" is on Wednesdays from 8-11pm EST on the [AXE] War Page, tag or no tag, everyone is fair game!! Good way to check out clans as well if you are interested....hope to see you on the grinding stone.....

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