Citi Rewards are a new promotion from December 15, 2010. You can buy the items from Here

Item Mw tournament icon atk def Stats Price
5 Skill Points 500 pts
10 Hired Guns
Buy hiredguns 75x75 01
300 pts
$10 Game Card 1,000 pts
$25 Game Card 2,500 pts
$50 Game Card 5,000 pts
$10 Zynga Card 1,000 pts
$25 Zynga Card 2,500 pts
$50 Zynga Card 5,000 pts
Sleeved Armored Vest
Item sleevedarmoredvest 01
Icon attack 16x1637 Icon defense 16x1681 Mw tournament icon atk def118 700 pts
Red Rover
Item redrover 01
Icon attack 16x1638 Icon defense 16x1688 Mw tournament icon atk def126 900 pts
Puff Adder
Item puffadder 01
Icon attack 16x1635 Icon defense 16x1675 Mw tournament icon atk def110 500 pts

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