Christmas 2008
Available from December 21, 2008
Available until December 27, 2008
Type Special

Every day that the player logged in, they were rewarded with 1 of 7 Special Gifts: Cognac, Case of Cuban Cigars, Diamond Necklace, Gold Watch, High Def TV, Silk Suit, and Bottle of Champagne. These gifts have no Attack or Defense and therefore provide no real benefit other than looking pretty in a player's inventory. They appear under a new section in the inventory called "Special Gifts" and are only visible to the player who owns them.

Christmas 2008

Mafiawars cognac
Mafiawars cubancigars
Case of Cuban Cigars
Mafiawars diamondnecklace
Diamond Necklace
Mafiawars goldrolex
Gold Watch
Mafiawars highdeftv
High Def TV
Mafiawars silkarmanisuit
Silk Suit
Item champagne
Bottle of Champagne

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