This page describes the former business system for Cuba, Moscow, and Bangkok. As of April 23, 2010, the businesses were replaced by properties. Please refer to that article for up to date information.

This article, however, remains here for documentation purposes.

Note: Players with Mogul class got extra 5% income for every business.

Cuba Businesses

Cuba header facebook 760x56 02

Name Image Takeover cost Fully Upgraded costs Fully Upgraded income/3 hours ROI (%)
Bodega Business bodega 235x120 01 C$0 C$0 C$200 x
Tobacco Plantation Business tobacco 150x75 01 C$12,500 C$137,700 C$2,240 1.6%
Sugar Plantation Business sugar 150x75 01 C$50,000 C$375,300 C$4,480 1.2%
Bribery Ring Business briberyring 235x120 01 C$75,000 C$390,000 5 Politico Corrupto x
Factory Business chopshop 150x75 01 C$150,000 C$1,001,200 C$8,960 0.9%
Coca Field Business coca 150x75 01 C$350,000 C$3,755,200 C$22,400 0.6%

Moscow Businesses

Moscow header bg 760x56 01

Name Image Takeover cost Fully Upgraded costs Fully Upgraded income/3 hours ROI (%)
Unlicensed Taxi Stand Mw moscow 1 taxistand 235x120 R$0 R$0 R$45,000 x
Cigarette Smuggling Ring Mw moscow 2 cigarettesmuggling 235x120 R$937,500 R$8,032,000 R$504,000 6.3%
Black-Market Car Lot Mw moscow 3 blackmarketlot 235x120 R$3,750,000 R$26,371,700 R$1,008,000 3.8%
Munitions Trading Camp Mw moscow 3 munitionscamp 235x120 R$11,250,000 R$75,108,500 R$2,016,000 2.7%
Trafficking Operation Mw moscow 4 trafficking 235x120 R$26,250,000 R$307,906,800 R$5,040,000 1.6%

Bangkok Businesses

Mw bangkok header 760x56 02

Name Image Takeover cost Fully Upgraded costs Fully Upgraded income/3 hours ROI (%)
Fighting Fish Arena Mw bk fish 235x196 01 B$12,500 B$125,200 B$2,240 14% per day
Cockfighting Pen Mw bk cockfight 235x196 01 B$50,000 B$307,200 B$3,360 9% per day
Tourist Guide Scam Mw bk tourism 235x196 01 B$150,000 B$1,151,200 B$5,600 4% per day
Gambling Den Mw bk gamble 235x196 01 B$350,000 B$3,754,800 B$11,200 2% per day
Drug Smuggling Ring
*Unlock by mastering the Buy Some Chemicals On The Black Market job
Mw bk smuggle 235x196 01 B$45,000 B$2,519,800 10 Drug Shipment
Piracy Operation
*Unlock by mastering the Secure A Pirate Vessel job
Mw bk piracy 235x196 01 B$40,000 B$2,519,800 10 Pirates
Gun Running Operation
*Requires Trusted status with Yakuza
Mw bk gunrun 235x196 01 B$300,000 B$20,158,000 10 Black Market Ammo
Yaa Baa Parlor
*Requires Trusted status with Triad
Mw bk yaabaa 235x196 01 B$300,000 B$20,158,000 10 Hyper Alert Sentry

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