The Botanical Garden was introduced on November 25, 2011 as the twelth non-cash generating property in New York / Manhattan.

November 3, 2011
In the course of preparing future limited-time-to-request-upgrade-parts New York City properties, we accidentally turned on the Botanical Garden this afternoon. We have since disabled the property, as it is not due for release until the beginning of December. When it is officially released, you will be able to request upgrade parts for 14 full days and any progress you may have made in the approximately 2 hours it was available today will already be in place. We apologize for the mix-up. Stay tuned for a different limited-time-to-request-upgrade-parts New York City property releasing next week!
- The Mafia Wars Team

Mafia Wars Blog

November 25, 2011
The Botanical Garden is our newest limited-time-to-request-upgrade-parts New York City property! You have until 9:00 AM (Pacific Time) on Friday 12/9 to upgrade it to its maximum potential through feeds/requests. The Botanical Garden will retain the level to which you are able to upgrade it by the time the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00, after which the only way to upgrade the property will be by purchasing the remaining parts you need with RP. The Botanical Garden will allow you to craft some green-thumb loot, including the Botanist (63/101 +4 Defense at ruby level) as you upgrade the property with the help of your Mafia sending you upgrade parts!

Mafia Wars Blog

This is a limited-time-to-upgrade property in which you have 14 days to upgrade to level 10 (or as far as you can). After this period you will no longer be able to upgrade normally. You get to keep the level you reached and are able to build the items. However, you can still buy the required upgrade parts using Reward Points.

Unlike regular crafting properties, there is no cost-per-item each time you craft. You can craft once every 18 hours.

Building MaterialEdit

Building CostEdit

Level Items
1 Item treatedlumber 01 x1, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x1, Item plaster 01 x1
2 Item treatedlumber 01 x1, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x2, Item plaster 01 x2
3 Item treatedlumber 01 x2, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x3, Item plaster 01 x3
4 Item treatedlumber 01 x3, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x4, Item plaster 01 x4
5 Item treatedlumber 01 x4, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x6, Item plaster 01 x6
6 Item treatedlumber 01 x5, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x8, Item plaster 01 x8
7 Item treatedlumber 01 x10, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x11, Item plaster 01 x11
8 Item treatedlumber 01 x12, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x17, Item plaster 01 x17
9 Item treatedlumber 01 x14, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x25, Item plaster 01 x25
10 Item treatedlumber 01 x16, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x35, Item plaster 01 x35
Total Item treatedlumber 01 x68, Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x112, Item plaster 01 x112


Level Item(s) Stats
Level 1 Item poisonvines bronze 01 Poison Vines Bronze Icon attack 16x1640 Icon defense 16x1674 Mw tournament icon atk def114
Level 2 Item poisonvines silver 01 Poison Vines Silver Icon attack 16x1642 Icon defense 16x1678 Mw tournament icon atk def120
Level 3 Item poisonvines gold 01 Poison Vines Gold Icon attack 16x1645 Icon defense 16x1679 Mw tournament icon atk def124
Level 4 Item maneatingplant bronze 01 Man Eating Plant Bronze
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x1680 Icon defense 16x1649 Mw tournament icon atk def129
Level 5 Item maneatingplant silver 01 Man Eating Plant Silver
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x1683 Icon defense 16x1651 Mw tournament icon atk def134
Level 6 Item maneatingplant gold 01 Man Eating Plant Gold
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x1684 Icon defense 16x1654 Mw tournament icon atk def138
Level 7 Item botanist bronze 01 Botanist Bronze
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x1659 Icon defense 16x1692 Mw tournament icon atk def151
Level 8 Item botanist silver 01 Botanist Silver
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x1660 Icon defense 16x1696 Mw tournament icon atk def156
Level 9 Item botanist gold 01 Botanist Gold
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x1662 Icon defense 16x1697 Mw tournament icon atk def159
Level 10 Item botanist ruby 01 Botanist Ruby
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x1663 Icon defense 16x16101 Mw tournament icon atk def164
Max Stamina and Max Defense are not part of the item properties. Each is a reward for building the item.


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