Item vileintentions 01
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Big Z
Item bigz gold 01
-Image © Zynga
Available On Facebook November 12, 2010
Type Weapons
Quality Inventory-superior-icon Superior
Icon attack 16x16 Attack depends on level
Icon defense 16x16 Defense depends on level
Loot From Defeat Boss Osipov
Source Rumble in Russia
Subtypes Handgun , Automatic
Date Events
November 12, 2010 Rumble in Russia

This item is obtained by beating Boss Osipov during the fight event Rumble in Russia. The stats depend on what level mastery you beat him on.


BronzemasteryItem bigz bronze 01Icon attack 16x1638 Icon defense 16x1654 Mw tournament icon atk def92
SilvermasteryItem bigz silver 01Icon attack 16x1658 Icon defense 16x1682 Mw tournament icon atk def140
GoldmasteryItem bigz gold 01Icon attack 16x1672 Icon defense 16x16108 Mw tournament icon atk def180

Huge item bigz gold 01

This weapon is based off of a PPS-43.


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