Bank (10 percent)

A bank with a 10% deposit fee

Bank (7 percent)

A bank with a 7% deposit fee

The Bank in Mafia Wars is a place to store your money where it cannot be stolen via losing fights.


There is a 10% deposit fee, so it is advised to deposit one less than your desired amount (1,000 nets you 900, while 999 nets you 900).

However, if you have vaulted the Money Laundering Collection, the deposit fee will drop to 7%. (1,000 would put 930 in the bank)

In Las Vegas you can deposit money in with no deposit fee, but, the amount of money that The Vault can hold is limited by the Vault's star level. As you upgrade the Vault the cap increases and also allows you to convert foreign currency.


  • Withdraw: Lets one withdraw the specified money from one's bank (only up to the amount of money one actually have in one's bank).
  • Deposit: Lets one deposit the specified amount money into one's bank (only up to the amount of money one actually has on hand).
  • Deposit All: Lets one deposit all the money one has on hand immediately into the bank.

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