Anmals Gone Wild
Item lion 01
Available from April 19, 2010
Available until April 26, 2010
Type Loot Event

Animal pop up headline

The animals are coming! Mafia Wars is pleased to announce that animals will have a new importance in the game. Starting next week, animals will become a fully-fledged combat item class that you can use. In fights and robbing, you’ll bring one Weapon, Armor, Vehicle, AND Animal for each Mafia member you use in the fight! All existing animals in the game will be converted to this new “Animal” item type.

In preparation for this change, we’re kicking this off by having “Animals Gone Wild!” week. During this week, animals will be dropping from jobs, fighting and robbing. If you want a head start in assembling your private zoo, you can go to the Marketplace to get your hands on our new Vicious Crates. These crates will contain exclusive LE animals that can’t be found anywhere else. We’ll also be featuring various LE animals in our hourly sales slots, so keep an eye out for those great deals!

We are also releasing two Limited Edition animals on the Marketplace: an African Lion and Pit Bull. These will only be available this week – so make sure you grab them before it’s too late!

Limited Edition AnimalsEdit

During the Animals Gone Wild week, Zynga offers two new animals on their Marketplace.

Animal Stats Price
Item lion 01
African Lion
Icon attack 16x1658 Icon defense 16x1636 Mw tournament icon atk def94 35 RP
Item pitbull 01
Pit Bull
Icon attack 16x1635 Icon defense 16x1657 Mw tournament icon atk def92 35 RP

Animal BonusesEdit

Additionally, some previously released animals can drop from jobs, fighting, and robbing.

Animal Stats Drops From
Item Tigers 75x75 01
Pair of Pet Tigers
Icon attack 16x1628 Icon defense 16x1612 Mw tournament icon atk def40 Clearing the Robbing Grid
Fight in New York or Bangkok
Item zodiak 01
Icon attack 16x1644 Icon defense 16x1628 Mw tournament icon atk def72 Clearing the Robbing Grid
Fight in New York or Bangkok
Western mustang 75x75
Wild Mustang
Icon attack 16x1616 Icon defense 16x1634 Mw tournament icon atk def50 New York Jobs
Item liger 75x75 03
Icon attack 16x1645 Icon defense 16x1612 Mw tournament icon atk def57 New York Jobs
Item timberwolf 01
Timber Wolf
Icon attack 16x1641 Icon defense 16x1620 Mw tournament icon atk def61 New York Jobs
Item anaconda 02
Icon attack 16x1642 Icon defense 16x1623 Mw tournament icon atk def65 Cuba Jobs
Item howler monkey 75x75 01
Howler Monkey
Icon attack 16x1620 Icon defense 16x1637 Mw tournament icon atk def57 Cuba Jobs
Item jaguar 75x75 01
Icon attack 16x1645 Icon defense 16x1624 Mw tournament icon atk def69 Cuba Jobs
Item russian bear 02
Russian Bear
Icon attack 16x1622 Icon defense 16x1645 Mw tournament icon atk def67 Moscow Jobs
Item siberian tiger 75x75 03
Siberian Tiger
Icon attack 16x1636 Icon defense 16x1614 Mw tournament icon atk def50 Moscow Jobs
Item snowleopard 01
Snow Leopard
Icon attack 16x1637 Icon defense 16x1625 Mw tournament icon atk def62 Moscow Jobs
Item bangkok attackcobra b
Attack Cobra
Icon attack 16x1624 Icon defense 16x1620 Mw tournament icon atk def44 Bangkok Jobs
Item chinesetiger
Chinese Tiger
Icon attack 16x1626 Icon defense 16x1648 Mw tournament icon atk def74 Bangkok Jobs
Item bangkok komodragon b
Komodo Dragon
Icon attack 16x1634 Icon defense 16x1622 Mw tournament icon atk def56 Bangkok Jobs

Vicious CratesEdit

These are items that can be found in a Vicious Crate

Image Animal Stats
Item viciouskodiakbear 01 Vicious Kodiak Icon attack 16x1641 Icon defense 16x1624 Mw tournament icon atk def65
Item vicioustimberwolf 01 Vicious Wolf Icon attack 16x1639 Icon defense 16x1630 Mw tournament icon atk def69
Item vicioustiger 01 Vicious Tiger Icon attack 16x1652 Icon defense 16x1634 Mw tournament icon atk def86
Item viciousanaconda 01 Vicious Anaconda Icon attack 16x1620 Icon defense 16x1642 Mw tournament icon atk def62
Item vicioushyena 01 Vicious Hyena Icon attack 16x1628 Icon defense 16x1629 Mw tournament icon atk def57
Item viciousparrot 01 Vicious Parrot Icon attack 16x1618 Icon defense 16x1631 Mw tournament icon atk def49
Item viciousscorpion 01 Vicious Scorpion Icon attack 16x1634 Icon defense 16x1612 Mw tournament icon atk def46
Item viciousspittingcobra 01 Vicious Cobra Icon attack 16x1630 Icon defense 16x1655 Mw tournament icon atk def85

News FeedEdit

MW item anaconda 90x90 MW item attackcobra 90x90 MW item chinesetiger 90x90 MW item howlermonkey 90x90 MW item jaguar 90x90 MW item kodiak 90x90 MW item komododragon 90x90 MW item liger 90x90 MW item pettigers 90x90 MW item russianbear 90x90 MW item siberiantiger 90x90 MW item snowleopard 90x90 MW item timberwolf 90x90 MW item wildmustang 90x90MW item lion 90x90 MW item pitbull 90x90


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