Agostino Cleto
Agostino Cleto
-Image © Zynga 
Status Active
Appearance Boss Fight - Confront Agostino Cleto
Job Tier Enforcer
Location New York
Full Name Agostino Cleto
Gender Male
Nationality Us American

Your connection has decided to cut you out of his dealings.

Agostino Cleto is the Boss of the Enforcer tier of New York Agostino Cleto replaced Warrant Officer McDonald sometime in 2009.

See more at Boss Fight - Confront Agostino Cleto


You will face his two bodyguards first. Make sure you are stocked up on shivs, medi kits and stun guns. His bodyguards are not too powerful, but after them Cleto arrives. He does not have much health but his attacks are powerful. Use stun guns and you should win easily.


Item Flask

Silver Flask
Your crew leader has assigned you to be the muscle in this outfit. Get out there and show him he made the right decision. Received for defeating Agostino Cleto.

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