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  • If you feel something should be mentioned, please feel free to leave a message on the talk:2009 Recap page. Article contents based on feedback from the Mafia Wars Wiki group on facebook.

The Good Edit

The Bad Edit

  • Robbing is taken off line
  • Moscow mastery rewards sub-par
  • Bangkok delayed
  • Capo fight experience is removed
  • Loot drops from fights is turned off
  • Unable to choose character type upon new game
  • The removal of Limited Edition $10000 loot items
  • The spending of energy to attain the New Year's Eve corkscrew that has since disappeared.
  • Mafia Mike's became regularly owned properties.

The Funny Edit

The Unforgettable Edit

  • Whaambulance went missing for 10 hours
  • White Screen of Death week
  • Excessive spam on news feed from new features
  • No gifts from the Gift Safe House for select people.
  • Moscow loot drop in New York job "Clip the Irish Mob's Local Enforcer"
  • Many Profiles complained of losing Exp/Levels, Boosts and Drop Items they had obtained after the Thanksgiving Week due to a Roll-Back error in the Zynga Server, which caused the profiles to Roll-Back to the levels they were on before the Thanksgiving Week started. This lead to many of the new Mafia Wars Fans to quit MW altogether.

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